Media relations

Traditional print to digital and broadcast; consumer to trade; the UK to the Far East – we’re media relations specialists.

We navigate an increasingly competitive media landscape from digital channels to traditional print for our clients. Starting from a strong strategy to place you in the right publications, on the correct digital sources and with appropriate broadcast media, we secure targeted regional, national and international media results.

Building strong relationships with journalists, broadcasters, bloggers and media influencers, we work hard to protect our reputation of providing them with accurate stories in the format they want and importantly – when they want them.

We can develop and increase your media profile with credible and positive news stories, finding the right hook and capitalising on the current news agenda quickly.

Our organisation of exceptionally well run press trips for groups of journalists result in glowing copy for our clients. We’ve recently hosted:

  • GQ Magazine
  • The Sun
  • The Huffington Post
  • The Scotsman
  • Scottish Field
  • The Sunday Express
  • Whisky Quartlerly
  • Chelsea Monthly
  • Cycling Weekly
  • Metro
  • BMI Inflight
  • Savile Row Style
  • Cycling World
  • Athletics Weekly
  • FAZ - German national news paper
  • Toronto Star
  • The Herald
  • Traveler (China)
  • Irish Examiner
  • Men’s Running and also, in the interest of fairness … Women’s Running


“…Another wee gem! You guys have THE best imaginations!”
Press Association journalist

 “Full marks for attention-grabbing creativity!”
Sunday Post journalist

“This is a fantastic piece and great coverage. This is exactly what weI wanted to achieve in regard to positioning for [us] and also letting our potential market know about us.” 
Client sales manager

“A warm word of thanks to you all for your efforts for The Miss Europe trip and the seven journalists of last week. I heard many superlative exclamations from Juliet and the journalists about you and about the trip. Brian (said this was ‘ the best week of my life’ and said that this was ‘the best overseas assignment I have ever had.’ The photographers said that this was ‘perhaps the best photo story we have ever covered.’ I am proud of you as my team, your hard work and diligence often amaze me. You are worthy of all the honours that come to you from this week. I believe this week was a full success. The credit goes to you.”
World Vision Marketing Manager following press trip to Senegal

“Top marks. Have to say, that’s how you get people to talk about an event! Brilliant release with great pics on a fun subject.” (The Choir of Davids)
Radio Presenter

“Excellent, nice well-written easy copy for us. Just what I needed coming back from a week off.”
Regional newspaper editor

Tricker results

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