Crisis management

Crises don’t just happen in dangerous environments. Our clients call us when they need urgent, professional guidance with compassion.

You don’t have to be operating in a high risk environment with dangerous machinery before you need a crisis management plan in place.

The majority of the crises we deal with for our clients involve unforeseen tragedies that their employees and their families face.

Clients have turned to us when:

  • An employee has committed suicide in a public place
  • A member of senior management was ‘exposed’ for selling herself on a website promoting larger ladies sex services
  • A guest has committed suicide, or has died suddenly, while a guest in their hotel
  • A key employee’s wife died in child birth and office workers were faced with the media at the building gates
  • An employee working in the developing world died as lightning struck the roof of his hut just a few days before he was due to fly home to his young family
  • A spectator was killed in an accident during a client sponsored event
  • They have been taken to employment tribunal
  • Several staff lost their lives in a helicopter crash
  • Employees have died in service overseas in unsavoury situations
  • Social media trolling

In return we have:

  • Created crisis management plans for our retained clients and also for project campaigns
  • Tested client plans with emergency response exercises and simulations
  • Reacted immediately and attended the site of the incident or client headquarters where possible
  • Liaised with senior managers, staff – including front line staff manning phones – the police and the media
  • Met with bereaved families to help them word tributes and to handle the media on their behalf
  • Given whole staff briefings on behalf of senior managers who feel unable to undertake this
  • Suggested how to help remaining staff to come to terms with work place tragedies including suggesting chaplaincy services
  • Drafted letters of condolence for CEOs to send to employees’ families

“Being in the hotel business, it’s not unusual to experience sensitive crisis situations. When these have happened Tricker Communications has always been quick to respond in a calm and confident manner ensuring appropriate communication with all of our stakeholders. They always act with the utmost professionalism and are sensitive to any difficult situation and consider the needs of all those involved.”
Hotel General Manager