Case Studies

Showcasing our clients' stellar achievements

Want someone to invest in your products or services? Then prove their worth.

Case studies are a simple and effective method of doing just that: showcasing your successes and providing testimonials from clients who are willing to go on the record to shout about your work.

We’ve drafted case studies for clients up and down the country across a range of industries. Through interviews, research and analysis we know how to find the key facts and soundbites that will make your business shine.

Sometimes case studies are a simple way of highlighting a successful project, while other times they’re more nuanced. We’ve worked with Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau over a number of years to create a bank of case studies, showcasing the strength of the region as an academic conference destination.

The purpose of these is two-fold – highlighting the strengths of the region and facilities to international event organisers, but also to show local academics the support available and impact bringing an association event to the area can have.

Other case studies in our arsenal include:

  • Web Integrations – showcasing the web designers’ unique skillset, and highlighting intricate website builds to show the breadth and depth of their knowledge
  • HFI Consulting International – revealing how a team of international legal consultants has enabled a myriad of businesses to expand into the MENA region
  • Hall & Tawse – focusing on the specialised joinery products and services available to a range of sectors – from commercial and leisure buildings to private and student residences.

In today’s digital age, however, case studies aren’t just about the written word. On social media and on websites, video testimonials can be a fantastic way to engage with potential clients to get the message across about how great your work is.

As part of an integrated campaign across multiple platforms, we created a video case study for IT specialists Clark Integrated Technologies to showcase how their expertise had helped secure the systems of one of their clients.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what one recent client had to say about how our case studies not only showcased their work but motivated the team:

The case studies so far have been awesome and have everyone here really enthused :-) Great job.