Photography and film

If a picture says a thousand words, then our imagery is positively verbose. Check out our creative content.

Isn’t everyone a photographer these days? Can’t everyone take a half decent photo on a phone? We strongly disagree.

If you want your imagery to be outstanding and tell much of the story with no words, then we can deliver on world class PR photography.

Posing your CEO against the only clear piece of wall space and pointing your phone at him will not grab the attention of picture desks. But we can…. And we have the awards to prove it as we’ve snaffled many for “best use of photography in PR” over the years.

Film forms a vital part of most of our campaigns for business to business and consumer clients – you can view our showcase here:

“Those pictures are gorgeous and have the look of a TFN front-cover image! I can guarantee we'll use one somewhere in the paper.”
Third Force News

 “The Whisky Coast and VisitArran campaign is typical of the way they handle things: setting up lively picture opportunities that live up to the pitch and always with an eye on deadlines. However the greatest strength is their collective ability to get a fresh angle on a story-the Angel's Share being a perfect example. Believe me it takes a special PR agency to do that on a regular basis.”
Daily Express Journalist

Many thanks for sending me the press release on the World Vision Catalogue.  It’s a fantastic idea and the image was inspired!”
Features Writer