Dundee Legends Caught on Film

Digital campaign for Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau highlights incredible research

Eco-friendly biofuel made from seaweed and organic waste.
The genetic solution to crumbling raspberries.
Innovative laser technologies en route to CERN.

Dundee today is a far cry from jute, jam and journalism – and we knew when Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau came to us for help bringing conferences and events to the region that we’d have to think just a little bit differently.

We were tasked with creating Dundee-centric digital content for Project Legend, a VisitScotland-led business tourism initiative spanning 24 months. The aim is simple: by focusing on 12 industry sectors, the country is showcasing world-leading research and talent that can be capitalised upon by event organisers bringing their conferences to Scotland.

It’s our job to ensure Dundee and Angus’ incredible research shone brighter than all the rest – and almost halfway into the project, we’re doing just that.

We know the best way to get people’s attention online is with something eye-catching, so we set about devising a series of short documentary-style clips that are easily shareable on social media. More than just talking heads, these allow the viewer to get up close and personal with the research being carried out in Dundee.

By liaising with key academic and industry partners across the region, we’ve brought stories about Dundee’s bustling creative industry and new drugs being developed to tackle neglected tropical diseases to the world, amongst many others.

But video isn’t the be all and end all of what we’ve achieved – we’ve developed a comprehensive social media plan and series of blog posts, which have allowed Dundee and Angus to get the attention they deserve during the project.

Our content has been shared far and wide by users online – and our videos have been highlighted as an example of how to do things right in VisitScotland’s Project Legend round-ups.

It’s been a voyage of discovery, delving into the incredible academic work being carried out in Dundee and Angus. And we can’t wait to get stuck into year 2 of the project to find out what else the region has to offer…


Photo by University of Dundee.