What’s the story? First appearances can be deceptive

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Everyone has a story to tell – but what’s important is how it is presented.

You might think appointing a new member of the team or launching a new service is big news, and within your own company, it is.

But businesses all across the land take on new staff and unveil new products and services day in and day out.

What’s special about your new start or your new service, what makes it stand out from all the others?

Media outlets are always looking for the ‘man bites dog’ scenario. This isn’t some shaggy dog story, but an aphorism that describes how an unusual occurrence, such as a man biting a dog, rather than a dog biting a man, is more likely to be reported than a run-of-the-mill happening.

It’s also described in another journalistic cliché: "You never read about a plane that did not crash.”

With a band of ex-journalists in our team, we have a collective nose for a good story. Making the switch from reporting to PR is sometimes likened to poacher turned gamekeeper, and while we don’t wear plus fours, drive Land Rovers or carry shotguns, we do take great care and pride in protecting our clients’ communications.

Journalists have a nose for sniffing out news, an ear for listening to a good story, a sharp eye for a cracking picture and a sense of how to combine them to satisfy news-thirsty readers. They come into PR with a flair for writing, media skills and contacts, and an innate ability for sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

Firms know that they offer the greatest products and services, that they have the best people working for them or that their new developments are incredible.

We know how that can be packaged to capture the attention of the media, to create compelling content be shared with print and online audiences.

Journalists can afford to be discerning. Competition to make it into the news columns, or web pages, is fierce and space is at a premium.

We hone good relationships with journalists and know what kind of stories will work across all the media at home and abroad – business, consumer specialist media, regionals, nationals and internationals.

Don’t let your good news get lost – talk to us to give it the right exposure.

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