We've Come a Long Way From Contact Sheets and Faxing Press Releases

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1 November 2001 - Day one of the business and there was a flurry of activity at the … fax machine.

It seems like so long ago that we were sending broadcasts by fax to the point where there was steam rising from the fax machine. Worse still we were selecting images from photoshoots from contact sheets which we then ordered prints from, to send through the post to the media in hard backed envelopes!

In the 18 years we’ve been in business much has changed including my need for hair dye.

And, today, we’re reflecting these changes with a rebrand to Tricker Communications.

The move illustrates the increasingly wide range of services which the company offers, whilst still continuing to deliver effective and creative media relations for clients across the UK.

When the company was established in 2001, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram were not even a twinkle in their billionaire owners’ teenage minds; creating video was an expensive and almost unheard-of activity for any SME. Google had just launched ad words, but most clients were faced with print advertising or local radio options only.

Fast forward to today and there’s not a single day goes by when we’re not creating original video content, drafting and posting blogs, creating social media campaigns, creating pay per click and Facebook campaigns, crafting TripAdvisor responses and liaising with influencers. One of the terrific advantages of this change for SMEs is that the cost of communication has reduced massively in some terms.

Another, particularly for all PRs who have served their time cutting and pasting press cuttings, is that evaluation is accurate and instant showing the client accurate figures for traffic, enquiries and sales resulting from their investment. It’s also cleaner – no more newsprint finger prints over everything from the phone to your lunch.

Our portfolio of services includes digital communications, social media, video production, digital and print magazine production and experiential marketing as well as traditional media relations. The new name Tricker Communications better reflects the work which the team has been delivering for several years.

Our evolution from Tricker PR to Tricker Communications better demonstrates the world in which we’ve been operating in for many years now – a digitally connected, video hungry, social media dominated, review-based society – for both consumers and businesses. Whilst we still pride ourselves on our media relations work in print, we ensuring our clients are seen digitally across many platforms and formats.

Marilyn Monroe once said

“I want to grow old without facelifts…”

But we’re not so sure about that – we’ve given the company a facelift to become Tricker Communications!


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