Just put it in the dressing up box…


“Just put it in the dressing up box.”

It’s not the answer you’d expect in an office environment to the question, “Where shall I put this?”

But it’s a remarkably common one in our PR ‘hive’ in Aberdeen.  If you were brave enough to poke around in there you’d find a dress made from tartan to celebrate Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s first wedding anniversary; several fairy outfits; a flamenco dress; and a yellow dress resplendent with 500 matching practice golf balls to name but a few.

We recently collated our favourite “you’d only ever hear it in a PR consultancy” phrases which include:

  • “Why do we have so many bras going through the petty cash book?” (We were prop hunting for an SWI campaign to promote their breast cancer charity partnership.)
  • “Know anyone who can make a banjo from a whisky barrel?”
  • “Oh blast, I’m still getting ads for burlesque outfits and S&M gear!” (We’d been searching for the perfect outfit for the Hell’s Angel’s Share photoshoot.)
  • Incoming client request from their London HQ – “Do you guys know any tattoo parlours in Aberdeen – the dingier the better?”
  •  “So, my tasks for today are to contact Maw Broon, Gail Porter and the lead singer from Chvrches…” (We cast the net far and wide when searching for potential interviewees for Women Together, the magazine we produce for the SWI.)
  • “Has anyone seen the transparent soil story?”
  •  “Where’s the accident book? Eoin’s burned his fingers on the glue gun again” (An annual favourite when we’re creating our company Christmas cards… a look of terror spreads across his face when November rolls around and the crafts supplies come out.)
  • “Anyone know where I can find a camel?”
  •  “Not MORE gin??!” (After we continued to receive reader panel samples long after the deadline had passed.)
  • “Do you think we could make a kilt big enough to go around a caravan?”
  • “The client doesn’t want to use the photos – he says the lambs look too sinister.”
  • “Well if we can’t find a butcher to make black and yellow sausages we’ll have to make them by ourselves” (Cue a trip to Lakeland to buy sausage making kit!)

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