America: Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Online Vacation Booker

Tricker Communications' digital campaign is a star-spangled success

Did you know that Americans start planning a vacation 10 months before they travel and that they book their accommodations 21.6 weeks before?

We do – that’s why we were able to draw up a digital strategy for five star The Chester Residence in Edinburgh's Georgian new town, which increased their traffic from the USA by 98.44% in a five-month period. Which delighted our clients who know that their American guests are their highest spending visitors.

By researching the target market’s booking behaviours we created a Pay Per Click campaign and plan of boosted Facebook posts to reach more potential guests in the USA, Germany and London. By running the campaigns at the time of each segment’s travel research ‘window’ we were also able to:

  • Increase directly attributable business on the books by £64k more than the previous year’s figures – giving a return on investment of almost 10:1 – which will increase further with on-arrival spend
  • Make direct bookings via the website the largest source of bookings for arrivals in Q2 and Q3 of 2019 – saving The Chester Residence on OTA commissions
  • Increase the number of monthly clicks by 73% since the campaign instigation
  • Increase traffic from Facebook to the website by 1114% from Germany

On top of these results:

  • Website visitors from the PPC campaign spend more time on the site than any other visitors
  • PPC visitors visit more pages than other visitors
  • Total website traffic rose by more than 35% with new visitors up by 33.35%
  • Hits from Instagram were up more than 475%
  • Organic Facebook page reach increased by 54%
  • Referrals from sites hosting our press trip reviews also featured highly in referring sites

If you want us to research your target segments and increase your digital return on investment get in touch.

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